Does Tally runs faster on Linux

It is always argued that Tally is a windows software and it does not run as smooth as it runs on Windows OS. However with the new version of Enjay Tiguin Application Server, Scheduled to be released next Tuesday 23rd, … Read More

Six ways to run Windows software on Linux

First things first, why would you like to Run Windows software on Linux? The most obvious answers is – Software Licensing Cost. Apart from licensing, the stability and reliability of Linux can also be another reason. You may also try … Read More

First two Chalk Talks by Limesh Parekh

I thought of combining the old method of explaining on a white board, with the new technology of video broadcast. Thus came the idea of “Chalk talks by Limesh Parekh”. We will be covering wide range of topics from Technical to … Read More

Erp For Small Business

Before we understand requirement of ERP for small Business, let us evaluate why ERP fails in SME? Why ERP fails in SMEs ? There are 3 major reasons why ERP fails in SMEs Effective ERP system for business is too … Read More

Customer relationship management for CA

A chartered Accountant increases Efficiency, Accountability & profitability by implementing Enjay CRM for Team and Practice Management for CAs and tax consultants. We can call it ultimate Customer relationship management for CAs and tax consultants A Chartered Accountant firm, who mainly practice … Read More

Linux Myths

Although Linux has been around for many many years now, but still there are lots of doubts & Myths about Linux. We need to understand Linux myths in detail. Also, these same are reasons as well as cause for limited popularity of … Read More

why linux is not used more widely

We all know that Linux is a very robust Operating system, but still its not popular. Question is why linux is not used more widely ? Many people know about Linux, they also praise Linux, but they don’t want to use … Read More

What Enjay Linux Desktop provides

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EVB & its fantastic reporting – some innovative concepts

Enjay Voice Broadcast is a unique solution  which can help you reach thousands of people in a very short time – in your own voice and that too on their mobile / land line directly. What EVB is not:  Voice … Read More

Solving HR Problems small IT Service Providers.

One of the biggest challenge that small IT Service providers face – is of HR (Human Resource). Its more alarming, because Human Resource, is the most important resource in IT Service business, as compared to any other resource. – Without proper team around … Read More