Before we understand requirement of ERP for small Business, let us evaluate why ERP fails in SME?

Why ERP fails in SMEs ?

Tally & SugarCRM - a more complete CRM

There are 3 major reasons why ERP fails in SMEs

  • Effective ERP system for business is too Costly for SMEs

  • Cheaper ERP Systems are not effective and so end up  as a Bad experience for SMEs.

  • In SMEs, Accounting department is not easily ready to change their way of working because of new ERP system.

SMEs need a solution where they can easily overcome all above limitations. In fact it is a matter of debate to what exactly SMEs require in form of an ERP or Do they actually require conventional ERP system or something else.

What constitutes ERP for small Business ?

In fact for SMEs that are engaged in activities like services or trading, implementing ERP can be an overkill, the features that they are looking for, in an ERP, can be summed up as follows:

  • Financial Accounting

  • Inventory Management

  • Basic HR functions.

  • Sales & Service management

First three of above are easily and effectively fulfilled with Accounting Software like Tally Accounting Software. Now as far as Sales and Service Management is concerned let us consider some points that are desperate requirements for any SME.

  • Sales Process lifecycle management:

    • Enquiries, leads, opportunities management.

    • Cost analysis of each sales, opportunity (won or lost)

    • Automatic reporting and escalation

  • Service/Support process Lifecycle management.

    • Case, visit, call management.

    • AMC / RMA management.

    • Cost analysis of each and every AMC, visit, call, case etc.

    • Automatic reporting and escalation in case of delays.

  • Team management:

    • Task assignment, meeting scheduling etc.

    • Automatic workflows to manage assignment of work and also manage process.

    • Track and analyse efficiency of each and every team member.

    • Dashboard real-time and analytical reporting.

With SugarCRM and Tally Integration becoming available, now that combination of Tally & SugarCRM becomes the first choice of SMEs.

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