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Benefits of PRI lines

There are many articles on Benefits of PRI Lines on Internet, But this article will help you understand the whole technology from a layman’s point of view. How can PRI lines benefit your business? Recently there have been changes in … Read More

Why Synapse API is better than TAPI for Telephony Integration

  Enjay Synapse is a next generation IP PBX which offers developer friendly API so that software developers can integrate their apps with telephony in no time, which is much easier, efficient and economical than TAPI. Its based on latest … Read More

New Partner Policy for Enjay Customer Relationship Management software

With increasing number of partners and increasing number of cases of these solutions, Now this solution has come out of initial phase of Proof of Concept to mainstream solution phase. Enjay is glad to announced its new Partner Policy for … Read More

EVB & its fantastic reporting – some innovative concepts

Enjay Voice Broadcast is a unique solution  which can help you reach thousands of people in a very short time – in your own voice and that too on their mobile / land line directly. What EVB is not:  Voice … Read More

IP phones for asterisk based Enjay Synapse

Enjay Synapse is a asterisk based IPPBX solution, which provides IVR, CTI, IVRS, call recording which can be used for telemarketing, a perfect call centre software solution. Many times dealers and clients ask us whether to use IP phone or … Read More

Asterisk based IVR – Best Practices.

Its festive season, and many people are using Enjay Voice Broadcast (EVB) service to greet to their customers / Friends & Relatives.Note: For the uninitiated, EVB helps you to broadcast your voice to hundreds and thousands of recipients in a short time.I would … Read More

Solution required for 5000 Call Centers of Mobile Operators

India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets of Mobile users. Mobile Operators are seeing a huge increase in number of customers. who require prompt and timely service. At the same time there is also competition in the … Read More

Thinking beyond Asterisk – Enjay Synapse

Why Customer are generally not very comfortable with Open Source solutions like Asterisk ? Even Many times System Integrators who provide solutions based on Open Source are also not comfortable ? Its undoubted that Asterisk and other Open Source Solutions … Read More