linux mythsAlthough Linux has been around for many many years now, but still there are lots of doubts & Myths about Linux. We need to understand Linux myths in detail.

Also, these same are reasons as well as cause for limited popularity of Linux

Linux Myths and facts

  • Linux is for Servers and not desktop.
    • This happens because, most of the courses taught for linux are for servers only.
    • So people coming out of institutes, generally know how to implement various servers on Linux but no knowledge about desktop.
    • Also if considered seriously, Linux on Desktop has some very varied and different sets of challenges and their solutions.
  • Linux does not have good GUI – it is primarily command line
    • yeh sab suni sunai baaten hai.
    • Think on this –
      • Many years before Windows Vista came up with 3D desktop, Linux had 3D desktop.
      • Also Ubuntu had unified desktop (which can be common for desktop as well as post PC devices), much before MS came out with the idea.
  • Linux has a very difficult and alien GUI – which windows users cannot understand.
    • Refer the point above.
    • BTW, this myth has become popular, because people have not seen the latest linux Distros of linux
  • There is no anti-Virus for Linux ?
    • Just think, if MS can make everything, why cant it make an OS which cannot be attacked by virus.
    • MS has created a huge eco system with that one – without this flaw, AV industry would not have been existed.
    • Even Mac does not need AV, so does Linux.
    • And there is one more news – now vendors like QuickHeal have come out with Antivirus.
  • Its less secured ?
    • Try it to believe it.
    • Most of the Govt’s and Security agencies have shifted to Linux – just because of one reason – Security.
  • Questions regarding Software compatibility: – Will my ERP software run on linux ? – will MS-Outlook Run on linux ? – Will Excel run on Linux ?
    • This question itself is wrong.
    • The actual question is not for software compatibility, but for document / content compatibility.
    • You dont get excel or outlook on Linux, but you do have spreadsheet and Email Client on Linux.
  • Questions regarding Devices & Drivers support: – Does Linux have drivers for my latest desktop  – Does Linux support my Printer ? Will my printer run on linux. – Can I share my printer?
    • Yes, all of above things can be done.
    • and, its easier – than it used to be before few years.
  • Can I share the data stored on Linux ?
    • Yes, Linux is basically (and originally) a Network Operating system, so it has all these features in its basic core functionality.
  • Support Related issues: – We don’t know Linux – ATAK GAYA TO KYA HOGA ? – Where do we call – if there is any support issue with Linux ?
    • This is main problem, Support is available (on Internet or otherwise) – but we dont have many people around us – who can help us in Linux.
    • So, we see that for Service providers there is huge scope of business here.
  • Some funny myths about linux: – Linux is a trial version – its not full fledged product ? – OR Linux is free – so it much be PIRATED ? – Linux is free today – but we start using it – what if they ask for money ?
    • You might think, aisa kaun sochega ? – but these questions were asked to me by a very sernior IT professional from a very reputed IT Service provider.
  • Can a windows PC read – linux drives ?
    • There are work arounds for this.
    • However, this question is based on assumption that Linux will crash very often, which is not true.
    • Linux, is inherently safe Operating system – and it doe not crash as often as M$ Operating Systems. (dont ask Why ?)
  • What if Linux crashes ?
    • Anything and everything can be recovered.
    • Infact Linux has one of the most sophisticated ways of recovery of OS.
  • Can I keep Linux and windows both ? (and run simultaneously ?)
    • There are more than few ways to run both simultaneously (other than running them turn by turn using dual booting)
      • One is to use Virtualisaton software.
      • Another idea is to go for Enjay Thin Clients – which allows you to run both Operating systems simultaneously.
  • Linux is free – but its services are very very costly – even costlier than any proprietary software cost.
    • There are two answers to this:
    • ONE, no they are not as costly as you think, just that you need to find the right Service provider for it.
    • SECOND (this one is for Service Provider), if support is costly, why are you not in that business. (think Different)
  • AND finally, Linux is for geeks and students – its not ENTERPRISE READY.
    • Nothing can be far from this one.
    • Believe me, Linux has been ready for Enterprise since long, very long.
    • Only that we dont know that correctly.
All above opinion / point of views are of my own, and without any prejudice to any company or group of people.
Feel free to share your comments / views on this.

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