After my previous post on Myths about Linux, next very obvious and expected post is what is solution for that – i.e. how do go ahead with Linux implementation. Is Linux Desktop for you ? Can you use it for normal office work?

Enjay has been working in that direction since long. Also lots of successful projects being implemented till now. Before we discuss what Enjay Linux desktop provides, let us understand what is required and why.

linux desktop

What Linux desktop users want (and why):

  • Understand what will work and how, in linux.
    • This is most confusing part for them.
    • Generally this information is not easily found on web or any other resource.
  • Help in designing and implementing the whole solution.
    • Linux and windows networks and infrastructure work slightly differently.
    • Most of things that are possible in windows are also possible here, only how to do it – is not known.
    • These may be petty things like network sharing or printer support or some device support.
    • Also how to get some work on some application. – it can be anything.
  • Technical support – whenever, whatever and wherever. 
    • Especially teething problems, of users need to be answered on SOS basis, or they can be unnecessarily escalated.
    • One place where they can call for anything / everything in Linux.
  • Training for their users.
    • no one one likes changes, so does computer users.
    • But if change is handled and managed properly (and communicated properly) it can be no problem.

What Enjay Linux Desktop (Enjay Tiguin OS) Provides

  • What works, what doesn’t:
    • Enjay provides complete consultancy on this, and also guide them how to save maximum on licensing part (even if they need to go for M$ products).
    • This might also require data migration from old platform to new Linux platform, which is designed and executed by Enjay.
  • Design, implement & hand over:
    • Linux is a much robust and reliable operating system – with much more capabilities, so a proper design is required to take maximum advantage of it.
    • Enjay also provides special installation DVD / CD, so that no or minimum configuration is required after that – it just works ! ! !
  • Support:
    • Team Enjay has been expert in providing remote and telephonic support to its thin client users since 1999.
    • So, there is no doubt, that Enjay has enough tools and processes to handle support part from remote location.
    • With the help of special CD / DVD that Enjay provides, support becomes very easy, since all the OS installed have a special module for remote support – which gets connected to Enjay Support Center immediately on a key press.
  • Training (Or motivation if you may call it)
    • Hand holding of the users become extremely important.
    • people generally resist to change, because they fear that something bad is going to happen – only thing can convince them is the Truth – about how easy it is.
    • Issues, may be extremely simple like:
      • My documents are not found ?
      • where is my printer ?
      • My old emails  ? – from our look – how they will come here ?
      • how do I share my drive with other users ?
      • Which Antivirus to use ?
      • My excel formula does not work ?
    • In short Enjay will ensure that your migration goes smooth, absolutely smooth.

Get Linux for your office

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