why linux is not used more widelyWe all know that Linux is a very robust Operating system, but still its not popular. Question is why linux is not used more widely ? Many people know about Linux, they also praise Linux, but they don’t want to use linux, what is the reason.

Get Linux for your company

 why linux is not used more widely:

  • Piracy of Windows
    • This can be attributed to one of the main causes.
    • If you go and talk to many SME/SMB businessman in India, they will tell – we are using windows and anyways we dont have to pay for it – what is use of FREE Linux, when we will have to give consultancy and training charges ?
    • But the scene is changing very fast, as anti-piracy movement is gaining pace.
  • Current Education system for Linux
    • This is also the Serious Problem.
    • Still most of the courses teach server technology only.
    • How many servers does a company use v/s – how many desktops does a company use.
    • also – still the emphasis is on the Command line, so as a result the person who comes out of institute thinks that linux is essentially a difficult, and not meant for normal human beings.
    • AND, he preaches like this in the society.
  • Business & Linux
    • This is actually outcome of the previous problem.
    • The people who understand Linux don’t understand business, and people who understand business don’t understand Linux.
    • if you want to make anything commercially successful, the capitalist or the business man has to understand the concepts.
  • Marketing budget
    • Linux is like democracy.
    • Its developed, supported and marketed by People (or volunteers)
    • So obviously it does not have billions of dollars for marketing.
    • or even bribing Purchase officers. (believe me this is also seriously TRUE)
  • Schools / Colleges / universities and Government.
    • Across the globe, Linux Initiatives have been taken by above institutions.
    • But in India Education institutions are either not interested or bribed. (or have to follow dumb rules created by dumb Government authorities). AND same is true with govt also.
    • We all know that 78% of web servers in world are using Linux (typically LAMP stack). But most of Indian govt sites you will find ASP.net – can you understand WHY ?
So, the reasons are not technical but social and economical.
Think, Thin Again and think Different.
Please share your views and comments on this one.

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