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SME CRM Success Tips #5 CRM is implemented and not installed.

Stop thinking if CRM as a software. It’s a culture. One of the prime reason for the failure of CRM is that people consider that it’s just like any other software which will be installed and their team will start … Read More

SME EnjayCRM Success Tips #2 Never hire new person (fresher) as CRM Incharge

For Successful implementation of CRM you need to have one CRM Admin in your organisation who will take ownership and get it implemented.  Many times I have seen that Small Businesses hire new person to implement and manage CRM in … Read More

New Partner Policy for Enjay Customer Relationship Management software

With increasing number of partners and increasing number of cases of these solutions, Now this solution has come out of initial phase of Proof of Concept to mainstream solution phase. Enjay is glad to announced its new Partner Policy for … Read More

Customer relationship management for CA

A chartered Accountant increases Efficiency, Accountability & profitability by implementing Enjay CRM for Team and Practice Management for CAs and tax consultants. We can call it ultimate Customer relationship management for CAs and tax consultants A Chartered Accountant firm, who mainly practice … Read More

Why CRM should not have Inventory Management

Many times customers for EnjayCRM ask us – why cant we integrate inventory into CRM system, after all CRM is about maintaining relationships of customers and inventory is sold to customers – so they are related. But there is serious … Read More

CRM for IT Service Providers

First question first – is CRM required for I.T. Service Providers ? Because they have some serious excuses against it, like: Our staff is not that literate to make entries. We wont be able to convince them to make entries. … Read More

Enjay CRM + Mobile + Telephony integration 360 degree view

Generally we use CRM so that we get a full view of our relationship and activities with customers and our teams. However most of the communication happens on telephone and mobile – and sadly this data is not showing up in … Read More

Selecting a Proper CRM Vendor

If you do a google on this subject, you will get lots of advice on what to see in the CRM Vendor before finalising the deal. However there is one thing that is often ignored.Of the tips that we get … Read More

Does CRM increase your work?

Does CRM increase your work? Actually no, but for uninitiated,  the question is very daunting. But its not true. Consider following points and then we decide what is FACT: Reduce duplication of work CRM creates a central database of all … Read More

Solution required for 5000 Call Centers of Mobile Operators

India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets of Mobile users. Mobile Operators are seeing a huge increase in number of customers. who require prompt and timely service. At the same time there is also competition in the … Read More