Thinking Different

Five questions before you put Tally on Cloud

Tally on cloud. Is it feasible ? 100 years back, people were not ready to keep their money in Banks. Why ? because they thought that it is always safe to keep our money with ourselves. But, today, everybody prefers to … Read More

Convert any PC to a thin client, with Enjay Tornado OS

Convert any PC to a thin client, with Enjay Tornado OS, yes you can Convert any existing PC to thin client using this thin client software. Tornado OS is powerful Thin Client software that provides an intuitive user interface and … Read More

Enjay announces Linux Training Programs for End users and Admins

Enjay Tiguin OS (A Linux variants which can run Tally on Linux and other windows software on Linux), has been picking up very encouragingly. Many of our customers also migrate from MS Office to King soft Office, (which is bundled … Read More

Six ways to run Windows software on Linux

First things first, why would you like to Run Windows software on Linux? The most obvious answers is – Software Licensing Cost. Apart from licensing, the stability and reliability of Linux can also be another reason. You may also try … Read More

First two Chalk Talks by Limesh Parekh

I thought of combining the old method of explaining on a white board, with the new technology of video broadcast. Thus came the idea of “Chalk talks by Limesh Parekh”. We will be covering wide range of topics from Technical to … Read More

POC – Proof of Concept – is it really required?

Many times customers ask for Demo or POC (Proof of concept) and dealers provide that. We need to ask ourselves POC – Proof of Concept – is it really required? It may be relevant in some cases, but in most … Read More

Importance of Service Catalogue

There is always a bone of contention when something is not defined. When system integrators blame customer for short-changing service provider, they conveniently forget their own limited communication in the urgency to close the order. The customer is probably not … Read More

why linux is not used more widely

We all know that Linux is a very robust Operating system, but still its not popular. Question is why linux is not used more widely ? Many people know about Linux, they also praise Linux, but they don’t want to use … Read More

Tornado or Tiguin, a comparision

Many times we confuse choice with convenience. Its not always good to have more choices, but to have a single choice which is more convenient. Thin Client is matter of convenience where as Desktop offers more choice (which, sometimes, is … Read More

Benefits of Quizzing and Lesson of Life

  Last evening had a privilege of attending Brain Ninja organised by Rotary Club of Rotary Vapi RiverSide (rvr). It was a wonderful experience, after a long long period. After certain age, we start observing things differently, I had never … Read More