Stop thinking if CRM as a software. It’s a culture. One of the prime reason for the failure of CRM is that people consider that it’s just like any other software which will be installed and their team will start using it.

You can install email client, or anti-virus software or ms office, but you cannot install CRM. CRM has to be implemented. We say like this because there is a lot of involvement of teams at all levels to make CRM success. CRM has to work for you and your organization.

Installation gets CRM working, Implementation gets it working for your organization.

Consider CRM software as a tool to implement and automate your customer policy and internal processes related to customer relations. If you don’t have processes and polices in place, don’t expect CRM software to do the magic.

When we install CRM (and don’t implement it) we fail in following areas:

  1. No proper planning.
  2. Senior team is not properly involved.
  3. People consider it optional to use.
  4. No proper training is imparted to team.
  5. The whole exercise is not backed by proper policies, processes and checks.

As a result it fails. Biggest difference is – when you install it gets installed into your Computer systems, when you implement it gets into your Team members. You cannot ignore Human Factor.

There is a difference in putting something in place and putting into practice.

We have to understand that CRM software can automate or enhance what already exists. If there is no discipline, no process and no policies in your organization, CRM software cannot help. CRM software will boost the entire ecosystem of customer relationship Management in the organization.

One more thing to remember is that CRM is not a project, but it’s an ongoing process. It’s like exercise, you can’t do it for one day, you have to do daily and continuously.

If everything is going to end at the “Go-live”, what will follow is disaster. In Entire CRM implementation, installation is small but important step. Thats all.

Here are few steps to make sure that you implement it and not install it.

  • Why you want CRM and what is expected outcome, more clear you are more chances of success.
  • Start with what you and your teams do.
  • Where and what do you want to change ?
  • A cultural shift is required from “We have always done it this way” to “This is best for the business and customer”.
  • Many process / policies might require a change, make sure that you and your team are ready for it.
  • Continuous monitoring of new system and improvement will be required.

How can Enjay Help?

Enjay can help you implement CRM or customize  CRM and even provide Admin / user training to your users. BTW, we also make lots of ready to use Add-ons for CRM.

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