Telephony Integration

Why Synapse API is better than TAPI for Telephony Integration

  Enjay Synapse is a next generation IP PBX which offers developer friendly API so that software developers can integrate their apps with telephony in no time, which is much easier, efficient and economical than TAPI. Its based on latest … Read More

Enjay CRM + Mobile + Telephony integration 360 degree view

Generally we use CRM so that we get a full view of our relationship and activities with customers and our teams. However most of the communication happens on telephone and mobile – and sadly this data is not showing up in … Read More

What is CTI

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the most mis-understood concept in the world of telephony. Moreover the software and its applications have changed drastically in last two decades, but unfortunately the concept of CTI has not changed. Its high time, that … Read More

How a predictive dialer works

This article is for people who are setting up a new contact centre for their Sales / Support teams. In this article we try to understand How Predictive Auto Dialling works, and whether it is actually suitable for your setup … Read More