Thinking to run Tally ERP 9 for Mac? Well, you are not alone. Tally is no doubt India’s uncontested leader in Accounting ERP Package for SMEs. On the other hand, more and more people are buying Apple Laptops. The problem is that Tally is for Windows, So how do you run Tally for Mac?

Four ways to run Tally ERP 9 for Mac.

  1. Dual Boot
    1. How it works
      1. Install some Bootloader tool like BookCamp and install Windows OS after making a partition on the MacBook disk. So you can run Windows whenever you want to run Tally and run Mac OS X when you want to use Native Mac OS.
    2. Advantages
      1. The only advantage I see is that you have accomplished your goal of running tally on Mac.
    3. Disadvantages (Costly)
      1. You still have to pay MS Windows License.
      2. Can run only one OS at a time.
      3. Dual Booting eats up lots of disk space, unnecessarily.
  2. Use virtualisation.
    1. How it works
      1. Install virtualisation software like Parallels, vBox, etc. A Virtual Machine is created on your Mac OS. Then install Windows inside that Virtual Machine. Then install Tally inside that Windows.
    2. Advantages
      1. Apart from accomplishing your goal of running Tally on Mac, now you can run other Mac software along with Tally.
    3. Disadvantages (Costly + Complicated)
      1. You still have to pay MS Windows License.
      2. Virtualisation slows down entire Mac to a great extent.
      3. Eats up lots of disk space, CPU and RAM unnecessarily.
  3. Use Cross Platform tools
    1. How it works
      1. There are tools in market like Crossover (wine) which can be used to run Windows Application Programs on Mac OS. Unlike previous two options where entire OS is virtualised, here only the Application software is virtualised. So Windows App runs on Mac OS thinking that it is a Windows PC. Software vendors also publish a list of applications (or the features) supported.
    2. Advantages
      1. Less space and other resources as compared to previous two options.
    3. Disadvantages (Complicated)
      1. Extremely complicated to install and configure.
      2. Not 100% sure to run with all the features.
      3. New Version of Tally may break the functionality (Tally might stop working).
  4. Use Tally on Cloud
    1. How it works
      1. Tally (its license and data) is installed on optimised and secured cloud infrastructure. It is accessed from Mac OS using an RDP Client (like MS Remote Desktop Client). To start Tally fire the RDP Client and Tally starts. You can save the URL and credentials for the access to Tally Cloud.
    2. Advantages
      1. Quick and easy to setup and easy to use.
      2. No performance lags.
      3. No one time fees, pay as you use.
      4. Tally on Cloud works on a very low bandwidth of 3G also.
    3. Disadvantages (can be overcome)
      1. Requires internet connection to use Tally.

Conclusion: Best way to run Tally ERP 9 on iOS

Let me help you with the decision making.

  1. You are the boss, partner, director or a Senior team member of an organisation.
  2. Do you want to waste lots of your time and energy trying to install some heavy and complicated software for running one Tally Package?
  3. Are you willing to waste huge space on your MacBook? (I know that MacBook SSDs are costly and limited in capacity).

I am sure you have decided to go with Tally on Cloud for running Tally on Mac.

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