After Tally on Linux and Tally on Cloud success stories, now Tally Customization and Tally related other services from Enjay. You can count on Enjay for Tally Implementation, Training, Configuration, Customisation and most importantly Consultancy. 

Tally is so simple that people often overlook its comprehensiveness. There are lots of functionalities in Tally that people miss out. Even those using it for more than ten years might not be aware of some of the essential features. 

Biggest advantage of Tally is that everybody knows how to use it. Biggest disadvantage is nobody know how to use it fully.

Why you need Tally Customisation

Tally is a very comprehensive and very complete ERP solution. However, most of the people use it as a simple Data Entry tool. If properly used, Tally ERP can provide you complete Business Management suite. There is not always a need for Tally Customisation, many times only small configuration may be enough. Many times little training will also do the trick.

Also since GST is getting implemented in India maximum usage of Tally is a must. If implemented correctly Tally can automate your Accounts department to become completely Tax compliant.

With GST coming up shortly and Tally customisation and optmium usage becomes almost compulsory.

What Enjay offers apart from Tally Customisation

We offer completely end-to-end turnkey service which includes Consultancy, Implementation, Training and maintenance of the systems. 

  • Process Consultancy
    Understanding your process and sharing best practices thereby helping you to utilise Tally ERP in the best possible manner. Process re-engineering is one of the most critical components but mostly overlooked. Here we help align and optimise your business process with Tally ERP.
  • Documentation of Process
    Having documentation of Process helps you implement the process and monitor it. No Software Development can go smooth without proper Process Document.
  • Security and access control
    Most of the business require Voucher level and process level Access to Tally data. Most of the companies also require Authorisation and automatic escalations, which we can implement in Tally ERP. 
  • Inventory and Stock Management. 
    If you are a trading company, Tally ERP has one of the best and simplest inventory management system for you. With a little configuration and customisation Tally can also manage Manufacturing Inventory and process.
  • Payroll Implementation
    Tally Payroll is more than enough for an SME. We can also integrate Tally Payroll with external HRMS or even attendance system. Since Tally can be in Cloud, your Cloud based HRMS is easily integrated with it. 
  • TDL Development
    Tally Definition Language (TDL) is the language in which is used for customising Tally. A well engineered TDL customisation will provide optimum performance with your existing hardware. It’s not about just adding functionality, but it is about engineering the process. 

Tally Customisation is not only about writing TDL but about engineering a solution which is aligned with your business Process.

  • Connecting Tally with External Systems
    Nowadays many companies use many Cloud-based and on-premises software solutions to manage their various components of business. It can be CRM, HRMS, ERP or any other solution. Integration with multiple external is our expertise. 
  • Dashboarding on Mobile Devices
    Having important statistics on your mobile is everybody’s dream today. We can help you achieve that by designing a mobile app which talks to your Tally and updates vital stats on your mobile. 
  • Automating Taxation
    Taxation also one of the least used features. In fact, if Tally ERP is configured correctly you will never get delayed in your Tax compliance. We can help you automate entire tax process (including preparing data for return filing). 
  • GST Implementation
    When GST is implemented in India, it will revolutionise our Tax structure and compliance mechanism. Tally ERP has one of the best GST support. We can help you implement it in your organisation.
  • Tally Cloud Customisation
    Enjay’s Tally Cloud is one of the most trusted Tally Cloud solutions. We provide customisation of Tally Cloud also. Access Security and integration with third party software platforms are few areas of customisation. 

Tally ERP is much more capable than it meets the eye. Get a good conssultant to get maximum benefits from Tally.

Why Enjay for Tally Customisation and Implementation

75% of the times proper training and consultancy can achieve the results. Coding the TDL is not always required. Most of the times it’s about aligning Business Process with Tally ERP. Most of the time it is achieved with the correct understanding of the business Process and Configuring Tally ERP correctly. After selling CRM for 10+ years, Team Enjay is very powerful in understanding and designing optimum processes. 

We help you to extract maximum out of Tally ERP.

In Case of larger Enterprises connecting Tally ERP to external systems is vital and critical. Enjay has long history of successful Cloud implementations of Tally and CRM

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