Enjay Tiguin Linux OS converts your server to a secured Private Cloud for Tally ERP, which can be accessed  from anywhere in world

Do you have multiple branches or your team members accessing tally ERP9 from outside your office, don’t just put a Windows server with RDP, It has a very high risks, part from being extremely costly. Why not switch over to something which is secured and economical at the same time.

Enjay Tiguin Cloud Solution (or TCS for short) is a private cloud for hosting your Tally ERP either in your premises or your any other private cloud. Enjay TCS is a completely Linux based private cloud solution which can run your tally safely and efficiently. It has been thoroughly tested by Tally Solutions Ltd, Bangalore and also featured on their website.

Why Select Tiguin for Private Cloud for Tally

  • No license for OS or CAL or RDSCAL. No need of Windows License for server or CAL. 
  • Enhanced RDP protocol for Cloud access. 
  • Web Management tool for User admin and all settings. 
  • Automated Scheduled Backup with Multi-version support. 
  • Supports remote printing & Bar Code scanners. 
  • Built in High Availability.  (You can install it on two servers)
  • Use from any device any OS any time any where 

What is Tiguin Cloud Solution?

TCS is installed in your server in your office or your private cloud. Your users will use any regular RDP client to access the server securely. TCS is a Linux based server specifically designed for hosting Tally ERP. Your users don’t need to learn Linux, They will not even come to know that there is a Linux server running behind the scene.

FAQ regarding Private Cloud for Tally

  1. Can I use other applications from this server ?
    1. No, This server is designed for utmost security. Even Tally is served to your users using Application Publishing mode, where users get the particular application only and not the entire desktop.
  2. How do I backup my Data  or application?
    1. The TCS OS is installed on two servers which replicate periodically so that there is always a backup Server also with backup data. Data can also be backed up Google Drive for remote location backup.
  3. Can my users @ branch use Printers & Bar code scanners installed in Branch ?
    1. Of course yes, TCS solution supports Remote Printers and even bar code scanners connected to PCs @ remote locations.
  4. Will I require multiple Tally ERP licenses ?
    1. No, since Tally ERP is installed in one location on one server only, you require only 1 Tally ERP Multiuser license.
  5. How many Windows Server CAL or TS-CAL required ?
    1. Neither we are using Windows Server the question of Server license does not arise. Also when there is no Server how can there be charge for CAL or TS-CAL.
  6. Can any user delete my Tally Data ?
    1. No user has access to Data folder files, which makes TCS solution extremely secure and safe.
  7. Does it require very high bandwidth?
    1. No, only 50-150 kbps of bandwidth is required for each client access.
  8. Does it support Export of Data from Tally?
    1. Yes of course you can export the data from Tally


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