NSS Logistic Tiguin Linux case study  WideNSS Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd is Logistic wing of N.S. Shetty Group, located in Mumbai. Owning fleet of 100 trucks and operating overall 2000 vehicles across the Nation.  They use Tally and Office applications at their HO in Mumbai. They wanted to go for some solution which is cost effective as well as stable.

They use one Application server and roughly 20 desktops. If they go for MS Licensing the cost would have been upwards of 9 lac Rupees. So they started to look for alternative, which would be cost effective at the same time – not degrade performance of their existing hardware.

Mr. Prakash Shetty who is Director of NSS Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd, first evaluated option for Tally on Cloud so that they can deploy Linux Desktops, But unfortunately due to some connectivity issues it could not go ahead smoothly. Then they decided to deploy Tiguin Application Server at their office and convert all desktops to Enjay Tiguin Desktop OS.

The current solution is as follows:

  • Tally is installed on Tiguin Application Server (TAS).
  • All the users use Desktops powered by Enjay Tiguin Linux OS, which has an open source Office suite installed on it.
  • To access Tally on the TAS, they connect to TAS using RDP protocol.
  • All their printers attached to server or desktop are shared between users according to security policy of the company.

Client Speaks:

The Main Benefit of deploying Tiguin Linux according to Mr. Prakash Shetty, Director is “Huge Cost Saving in terms of licenses, recurring anti virus costs, lost time due to windows issues. These all have now been solved thanks to Linux. As compared to 9+ lacs for MS licensing, we could do this for less than 10% of the cost.”Prakash Shetty - NSS Logistics

Regarding support from Enjay he adds “We have had no issues whenever we have contacted Enjay and are thankful for their support that we were able to deploy this solution. This makes us proud that this one is a true move towards Digital India and Make in India. Invest in People is what we believe in. Keeping good talent at home and preventing our money moving out of the country is highly beneficial to India in the long run”

“Economics, Scalability and Speed” are three things that I liked about the solution” Adds Mr. Shetty.


Incidentally Enjay Tiguin Linux completed 2 years in December 2015, with more than 200 happy clients like Mr. Shetty. So we are celebrating.


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